Statement Of Intent

We aim to ensure high quality, safe and effective services and environment.

  • To provide monitored, audited and continually improving healthcare services.
  • To provide healthcare which is available to a whole population and create a partnership between patient and health profession which ensures mutual respect, holistic care and continuous learning and training.
  • The provision of accessible healthcare which is proactive to healthcare changes, efficiency and innovation and development.
  • To maintain/improve Clinical Governance and Evidence Based Practice.
  • To maintain/improve Clinical and Non-clinical risk management.
  • To reduce risk in specific clinical risk areas and facilities.
  • To maintain/improve environment.
  • To maintain/improve vigilance for unforeseen emergencies.
  • To optimise performance against key targets and core standards.
  • To meet key targets.
  • To become a patient centred organisation.
  • To safeguard both children and vulnerable adults, by ensuring that all staff receive appropriate training.
  • To maintain/improve services offered to patients.
  • To maintain/improve communication between the surgery and the patients.
  • To recruit, retain and develop a highly motivated and appropriately skilled workforce.
  • To enhance performance of the workforce.
  • To guide the employees in accordance with the Equalities Scheme.
  • To continue the development of the practice.
  • To ensure effective management and governance systems.
  • To ensure a robust Information Technology strategy to support the business of Newnham and Westbury Surgery.
  • To support the locality to provide the Improved Access Pilot for the benefit of all patients.

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