Healthcare Team

Community Midwives

Mrs Elizabeth Wynn

Our midwife provides care for pregnant women, which includes pre pregnancy advice, antenatal care, postnatal care and care of the newborn. She liaises regularly with the doctors and health visitor. Based at Cinderford Health Centre. If you need to contact them, please telephone 01594 598000.

Community Nurses

Mrs Lis Fletcher (f)

Health Visitors

Health visitors are specialist nurses, trained in the care of infants, children, the elderly and health promotion. Areas of expertise include infant feeding, immunisation advice, parenting skills, child behaviour, postnatal problems, parental advice and healthy lufestyle. They have a wide range of knowledge of social support agencies.

Our Health Visitor Team are:

Hilary Lonie – Health Visitor

Liz Davis – Health Visitor

Lisa Wallett – Health Visitor

Lisa Irwin – Public Health Nurse

Sue Jenkins – Community Nursery Nurse

Tracey Gardiner – Community Nursery Nurse

Helen Beddis

The Team are based at Cinderford Health Centre and they can be contacted on 01594 598003.